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Identification details

You are visiting the site www.dancausaaseores.es owned by DANCAUSA ASESORES, S.L. registered in Calle Buen Suceso, nº14, 1ºC CP:28008 Madrid, Spain, with tax I.D. Number B-87625794 registered at the Companies Register in Madrid in volume 35048 folio 50, Page 630338, hereinafter THE OWNER.

You can get in touch with the OWNER via:

Telephone: +34 918 277 211

Email: contacto@dancausaasesores.es

Web hosting

We inform all users that the data provided by you will be stored in the Raiola Networks server (Dancausa Asesores S.L. hosting provider) located within the EU. You can read Raiola Networks privacy policy here: <https://www.raiolanetworks.es/wp-content/uploads/Politicadeprivacidad.pdf>.


These terms and conditions (hereinafter Disclaimer) aim to regulate the use of the OWNER’s website, which available to the public.

Accessing and/or using this website confer the condition of USER. By accessing and/or using it, users accept the general terms of use here explained. Such conditions will apply, regardless of the mandatory general contracting conditions applicable to your case.  

Use of the portal

www.dancausaaseores.es provides access to online information, services, programs or data (hereinafter “the contents”) that belong to THE OWNER or to its licensors, all available to the USER.

The user is responsible for the use of the portal. Were it necessary to register to access determined services or content, such responsibility extends to the registration, where the USER will be liable for providing truthful information. As a result of the registration, the USER may be given a password that he/she will be responsible for and he/she commits to making a diligent and confidential use of it.

The USER commits to making an appropriate use of the contents and services (i.e. chat services, debate forums or groups of news) offered by THE OWNER on the portal and commits not to use them for the reasons included below (but not limited to them):

  • Getting involved in illicit or illegal activities that go against good will and public order.
  • Disseminating racist, xenophobic or pornographic content or propaganda, nor in support of terrorism or against human rights.
  • Causing damage to the physical and logical systems owned by DANCAUSA ASESORES, S.L, or those of its suppliers or third parties, introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that may cause the above-mentioned damages.
  • Trying to access and use other users’ email accounts, and amend or manipulate their messages.
  • Using the website or its content for commercial, political or advertising purposes or any other commercial use, mainly when sending unsolicited emails.  

THE OWNER reserves the right to delete any comment or contribution that violates people´s dignity, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that infringe upon youth or childhood, public order and safety, or that they deem inappropriate to publish. The OWNER shall not be responsible for the opinions shared by the users on the forums, chats or other participation tools.

Data protection

Everything concerning the data protection policy can be found in the privacy policy document.

Contents. Industrial and intellectual property

All the industrial and intellectual property rights on the website are property of THE OWNER as well as all the elements included in it (namely images, photographs, sound, audio, video, software o text; branding or logos, colour combinations, layout and design, materials selected, computer programs necessary for its functioning, access and use, etc), which are property of THE OWNER or its licensors.

All rights reserved. Pursuant to sections 8 and 32.1 of the second paragraph of the Intellectual Property Law, reproduction, distribution and public disclosure (including making communications available to the public) of any material of this website for commercial purposes, whether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited in any format and by any technical means without the consent of THE OWNER.


Exclusion of guaranties and liabilities 

THE USER acknowledges being fully responsible for the use of the website, its contents and services. THE OWNER shall not take any responsibility in the following contexts:

  1. Availability of the functioning of the website, services and contents and the quality or interoperability of them.
  2. The purpose for which the website serves the USER´s objectives.  
  3. Infringement of the current law by the USER or third parties, more precisely of the intellectual and industry rights owned by other people or entities.
  4. The existence of malicious codes or any other harmful element that may be caused by the USER’s or third party’s system. It is the USER’s responsibility to have the right tools for the detection and elimination of these elements.
  5. Fraudulent access to the contents or services by non-authorised third parties or when applicable, the capture, deletion, alteration, modification or manipulation of the messages and any kind of communications that said third parties may make.  
  6. The accuracy, truthfulness, up-to-date condition and utility of the contents and the services offered, and the subsequent use the USER makes of them. THE OWNER will do his/her best and will use all reasonable means to provide current and reliable information.
  7. Damage caused to computers while accessing the website and damage caused to USERS coming from failures or disconnections in the telecommunications network that may interrupt the service.
  8. Damages arising from accidental or force majeure circumstances.

For the use of forums and all the related elements of them, it must be taken into account that messages reflect the USER´s opinions only and that users are fully responsible for them. THE OWNER takes no responsibility for the content of the messages sent by USERS.


Modification of this disclaimer and duration

THE OWNER reserves the right to make as many modifications as deemed appropriate on the portal without prior notice, and to change, delete or add contents or services offered on it as well as to decide on the format in which they are presented on the portal.

Validity of the abovementioned terms will vary according to the exposure and will be in force until a new modified set of terms is duly published.


In case there were any links or hyperlinks to other sites included at www.dancausaaseores.es, THE OWNER shall not have any control over those sites or contents whatsoever. THE OWNER shall not take responsibility for the contents of the links belonging to external websites nor will he/she guarantee the quality, technical availability, reliability, accuracy, truthfulness and trustworthiness of any material or information included in any of such hyperlinks or other online sites. Likewise, the inclusion of said external connections will not mean any kind of association, merge or participation with the connected entities.

Right to exclude

THE OWNER reserves the right to deny or revoke access to the portal and/or services offered, without prior notice, to those users who fail to comply with this disclaimer at his/her request or at the request of a third party.


THE OWNER shall prosecute any failure to comply with these terms as well as improper use of the portal by taking any civil and criminal actions he/she is entitled to.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The relationship between THE OWNER and THE USER will be ruled by the Spanish regulation in force. All complaints and disputes resulting from this disclaimer will be resolved at the Spanish courts.


www.dancausaaseores.es services are aimed at over 18 year olds. Minors are not authorized to use our services and shall not send us their personal data. We inform you that should this happen, DANCAUSA ASESORES, S.L shall not be liable for the consequences arising out of failure to comply with the disclaimer set out in this clause.